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  Maria Castro

  Bolseira de Investigação no projeto ValBioTecCynara

  Mestrado em Bioquímica               

  Universidade do Porto


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Education and Training  

Master degree in Biochemistry by Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto/Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS); Porto, Portugal (2016)

Degree in Biochemistry by University of Évora, Évora, Portugal (2014)

Research and Professional Experience

2017 (Current) Scientific Research

CEBAL - Centre of Agronomic and Agro-Industrial Biotechnology of Alentejo

ValBioTecCynara- Economic value of Cardoo plant (Cynara cardunculus): study of natural variability and its biotechnological applications

Sep. 2015-Nov. 2016 Master student/Research

Faculty of Pharmacy/ Faculty of Sciences- University of Porto 

Project of master dissertation- Determination of macrophage activation profile and T cell populations in the context of congenital toxoplasmosis, involving different techniques such as cell: culture, flow cytometry acquisition and data analysis, DNA, RNA and protein extraction from tissues and cell suspension and quantitative RT-PCR.

Dec. 2014-Jul. 2015- Research trainee

REQUIMTE- Rede de Química e Tecnologia / Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto

Extracurricular internship program integrated in the project – Influence of glycation in iron-binding to blood plasma proteins. In the course of this project, I have the opportunity to become acquainted with mass spectrometry based proteomic methodologies for protein identification and characterization of post-translational modifications, namely glycation.

Sept. 2013-May. 2014- Curricular Internship/Research 

CNC- Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology University of Coimbra /Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Coimbra

Project of curricular internship – Molecular mechanisms involved in the prevention of inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal epithelia by dietary polyphenols, involving cell culture, viability analysis by MTT method and western blot detection.  

Current interests of research

Cell signal, cell culture, molecular markers, cancer, compound bioactivity   

Selected Publications

Oral Presentations

Castro, Maria Miguel, Brito C, Silva TM, Roberts CW, Teixeira N, Borges M. “Macrophages activation profile in the context of congenital toxoplasmosis” IJUP 17 – 10th Meeting of young researchers of University of Porto, 8th February of 2017

Poster in Conferences

André M. N. Silva, Maria M.F.P.M. de Castro, Ângela D. A. Oliveira, Natércia J. Brás, João Coimbra, Pedro A. Fernandes, Maria J. Ramos, Maria Rangel. “Implication for iron binding of human Holo-transferrin glycation” 11th Inorganic chemistry Conference, Sintra, Portugal, 7-8 of October of 2016


Castro, Maria Miguel (2016) Determination of macrophage activation profile and T cell populations in the context of congenital toxoplasmosis. Master dissertation. FCUP University of Porto. 


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