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  Bárbara Correia

  Bolseira de Ingestigação Científica                       

  Mestre em Biologia Aplicada               

  IUniversidade de Aveiro


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  Tel: +351 284319399

  Ext: 01107/01105

Education and Training

Master Degree in Applied Biology by University of Aveiro, Portugal (2012)

Graduation in Biology by University of Aveiro, Portugal (2011)

Research and Professional Experience

April 2017 - Present: Project Research Fellow (BI)

Agricultural Genomic Group - Centro de Biotecnologia Agrícola e Agro-Alimentar do Alentejo (CEBAL), Beja

April 2013 - Present: PhD Student

Biology Department e CESAM – University of Aveiro, Portugal

Sept 2006 - March 2013: Project Research Fellow (BI)

Biology Department e CESAM  – University of Aveiro, Portugal

Current interests of research

Metabolomics, microscopy, cork, forest trees, biotic and abiotic stress

Selected Publications

Papers in peer reviewed journals

Barradas C, Pinto G, Correia B, Castro BB, Phillips AJL, Alves A (2017) Drought-Disease interaction in Eucalyptus globulus under Neofusicoccum eucalyptorum infection, Plant Pathology, In press.

Cerqueira A, Alves A, Berenguer H, Correia B, Gómez-Cadenas A, Diez JJ, Monteiro P, Pinto G (2017) Phosphite shifts physiological and hormonal profile of Monterey pine and delays Fusarium circinatum progression. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 114, 88-99.

Correia B, Valledor L, Hancock RD, Renaut J, Pascual J, Soares AMVM, Pinto G (2016). Integrated proteomics and metabolomics to unlock global and clonal responses of Eucalyptus globulus recovery from water deficit. Metabolomics. 12(8), 141.

Correia B, Valledor L, Hancock RD, Jesus C, Amaral J, Meijón M, Pinto G (2016). Depicting how Eucalyptus globulus survives drought: involvement of redox and DNA methylation events. Functional Plant Biology. 43(9), 838-850.

Escandón M, Cañal MJ, Pascual J, Pinto G, Correia B, Amaral J, Meijón M (2016) Integrated physiological and hormonal profile of heat-induced thermotolerance in Pinus radiata. Tree Physiology. 36(1), 63-77.

Jesus C, Meijon M, Monteiro P, Correia B, Amaral J, Escandon M, Cañal MJ, Pinto G (2015) Salicylic acid application modulates physiological and hormonal changes in Eucalyptus globulus under water deficit. Environmental and Experimental Botany. 118, 56-66.

Correia B, Pinto-Marijuan M, Castro BB, Brossa R, Lopez-Carbonell M, Pinto G (2014) Hormonal dynamics during recovery from drought in two Eucalyptus globulus genotypes: From root to leaf. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 82, 151-160.

Correia B, Rodriguez JL, Valledor L, Almeida T, Santos C, Canal MJ, Pinto G (2014) Analysis of the expression of putative heat-stress related genes in relation to thermotolerance of cork oak. Journal of Plant Physiology. 171(6), 399-406.

Correia B, Pinto-Marijuan M, Neves L, Brossa R, Dias MC, Costa A, Castro BB, Araujo C, Santos C, Chaves MM, Pinto G (2014) Water stress and recovery in the performance of two Eucalyptus globulus clones: physiological and biochemical profiles. Physiologia Plantarum. 150(4), 580-592.

Almeida T, Pinto G, Correia B, Santos C, Gonçalves S (2013) QsMYB1 expression is modulated in response to heat and drought stress and during plant recovery. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 73, 274–281.

Silva S, Pinto G, Correia B, Pinto-Carnide O, Santos C (2013) Rye oxidative stress under long term Al exposure. Journal of Plant Physiology. 170(10), 879-889.

Correia B, Valledor L, Meijón M, Rodriguez JL, Dias MC, Santos C, Cañal MJ, Rodriguez R, Pinto G (2013) Is the interplay between epigenetic markers related to the acclimation of cork oak plants to high temperatures? Plos One. 8(1), e53543.

Chapters in books

Pinto G, Correia S, Corredoira E, Ballester A, Correia B, Neves L, Canhoto J (2015) In vitro culture of Eucalyptus: where do we stand?. In: Yill-Sung Park, Jan M Bonga, Heung-Kyu Moon (eds) Vegetative Propagation of Forest Trees. National Institute of Forest Science. 431-452 Seoul, Korea.

Pascual J, Cañal MJ, Correia B, Escandon M, Hasbún R, Meijón M, Pinto G, Valledor L (2014) Can Epigenetics Help Forest Plants to Adapt to Climate Change?. In: Springer International Publishing (eds) Epigenetics in Plants of Agronomic Importance: Fundamentals and Applications. 125-146. 978-3-319-07970-7 (Print) 978-3-319-07971-4 (Online).

Oral Presentations

Correia B (2014) Ecophysiolyptus, physiological and gene expression profiles for early selection of Eucalyptus globulus in a climate change context. Advanced course on Plant Stress Responses: an integrated approach from bench to the field. June 23-26 Aveiro, Portugal

Jesus C, Correia B, Araujo C, Louro M, Majada J, Dias MC, Santos C, Neves L, Pinto G (2012) Influence of nursery propagation strategies on Eucalyptus globulus plant stock quality: Physiological and morphological indicators. 2nd ISHS Symposium on Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone. July 1-4 , Ghent, Belgium.

Correia B, Dias MC, Santos C, Pinto G (2011) Physiological and epigenetic responses of Cork Oak plants to climate changes: an integrative toolbox. Present and Future of Cork Oak in Portugal. Oct 21st, ITQB, Lisbon, Portugal.

Pinto G, Silva S, Dias MC, Costa A, Correia B, Branco J, Gonçalves P, Correia C, Moutinho-Pereira JM, Macedo B, Santos C (2010) Impact of high temperature on photosynthesis, carbon metabolism and lipid peroxidation of cork oak plants. 24th IUFRO Conference for Specialists in Air Pollution and Climate Change Effects on Forest Ecosystems. March 22-26, Antalya, Turkey 


Correia. B. 2012. Water stress and recovery in Eucalyptus: Physiological profiles. Master Thesis in Applied Biology, University of Aveiro.

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